Things That Will Affect Your Cell Phone Signals Adversely

Your cellular reception is one of many unpredictable things in your life. It may be strong, moderate and weak depending on a multitude of factors. Weak signals are going to give you a bad day because you have to struggle to stay connected.

How to get better signal? Well, you have a lot of solutions to choose from. However, in this article, we are focusing on the reasons for poor cellular signals.

Having The Wrong Phone

 You might be wondering whether this factor is relevant at all, but it is. The quality of the antennas is not the same for every phone. Unlike the old cell phones, new age cell phones come with an inbuilt antenna and the capacity of the antenna can vary for different models. This is why your cell phone plays a significant role in deciding the signal strength.

Having Too Many Apps In Your Phone

Installing too many apps in your phone could contribute to less coverage because apps often create unwanted noise. Deleting the apps you no longer require contributes to your signal reception.

Having Many Apps Running

Even when they are not in use, the apps in your phone might be running in the background. An app keeps sending and receiving data, even if you are not using it.

Free Apps

Free apps would seem like a good offer because they do not cost you a penny. But they have some downsides. Free apps like games are flooded with advertisements that use up a significant portion of your bandwidth.

Outdated Operating system

If your phone has an outdated OS, the signal issues could be due to it. However, in some cases, the updated OS might actually be worse than the previous one.

Using The Cellular Network In Rush Hour

In times of peak traffic, signal issues are quite normal because the same cellular tower has to support all the users.

Signal Blocking Materials Used In The Construction Of Buildings

Construction materials like concrete, low E gas and metals hinder the travel of cellular signals. When signals pass through structures made of these materials, their strengths drop significantly.

Remote Location

When your area has a limited number of cell towers and you are at a place that is quite far away from the cell tower, the signals in your phone might become weak. This is especially noticeable when you are in remote areas.

Depending on the underlying reason for signal failures, you can try appropriate solutions. If the issue is due to the weakness of cellular signals at your place, you can try installing a cell phone booster.