Best Tools To Make Your Life With Rheumatoid Arthritis Easier

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If you talk to you a person suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, they will tell you how hard it is to live with this condition. The severe joint pain that comes with RA makes it extremely hard to perform your day-to-day activities. Having the correct tools to assist you to manage your chronic illness might be crucial to performing the daily tasks.

Here are some tools that can help to make your life with rheumatology arthritis easier.

A Practical Pill Case

Taking drugs that help in preventing joint damage and minimizing disease activity is an important element of rheumatology treatment. It can be difficult to keep track of all of your medications if you have RA. It is better to use a pill case because it is easier to forget which pills you had already taken. Taking the same pills twice can be harmful to your body. Many companies sell practical pill cases that come in different colors, which will help you to keep track of the medications that you already took.

Pain Relief Topical Creams

It is no secret that rheumatology arthritis is a painful condition and people usually have to take several pain-relieving medications to manage the joint pain. However, a pain relief cream is the most practical choice than a pill because a topical cream can provide localized pain relief while a pill cannot. There is a wide range of topical pain relief creams available in the market. Since CBD is found to help in reducing inflammation, many people are trying CBD creams for managing joint pain these days.

An Electric Blanket

Using an electric blanket can be very helpful when you are having a flare. Most users have said that they practically live under the heated blanket whenever they are experiencing flares. It is important to note that electric blankets can be a little pricey and you won’t get a prescription for them.

Cell Phone Holder

Smartphones are making our lives much easier and they can even help people with rheumatology arthritis in a variety of ways. One problem with RA patients who use smartphones is that it will be very difficult to hold the phone in their hands because RA can affect hands too. There are several companies that sell cell phone holders and choosing one can be a little overwhelming. Some of these cell phone holders even allow you to use the phone hand-free.