How To Control Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain?

Rheumatology Symptoms
Rheumatology Symptoms
Rheumatology Symptoms
Rheumatology Symptoms

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can lead to painful symptoms which can make it difficult for you to continue with your normal life. Hence, it is important to control rheumatology symptoms for leading a better life.

The most commonly observed symptom of RA is chronic pain. Based on the extremity of the condition, the medical practitioner prescribes pain medications for ultimate relief. That said, you can even opt for certain natural remedies to control arthritis pain. A few such natural remedies are discussed below.


This traditional Chinese medicine serves as one of the oldest pain remedies. Super-fine needles are used to stimulate energy via pathways known as meridians. The main objective of acupuncture is to correct the energy imbalances if any.

Studies suggest that acupuncture might help to lower the levels of chemicals present in your body that are associated with inflammation. It can also relieve chronic pain. Therefore, visit a licensed acupuncture practitioner for getting relief from the severe pain caused by RA.


Regular exercises can have a positive impact on your RA symptoms. It can relieve the stiffness of your joints and ease the pain. However, it is important to seek the advice of a therapist if you have RA, as stressing your joints and muscles can make your rheumatology arthritis symptoms worse. A therapist can help you find out safe exercises for you.


This is a well-known natural remedy for pain since ancient times. Many variants of massages can be used to manage pain. So you will have to ask your doctor which type fits you. You can do it yourself or see a therapist who is specialized in doing pain-relieving massages.

Heat And Cold

Both heat and cold treatments can help ease your RA pain. Applying an ice pack to the affected joints can help control inflammation, swelling, and pain. Together with improving the blood flow, heat helps relax muscles. Use a warm and damp towel or a heating pad to apply heat to the affected joints.


It includes focusing on your breathing which can be beneficial for improving your concentration and mental clarity. It can help you focus your thoughts on something else other than pain.


Yoga is a mix of meditation, low-impact exercises, and breathing. It can help alleviate joint pain and improve flexibility along with relieving stress and tension.

These natural remedies can be beneficial for controlling your RA pain to a great extent. However, do not forget to take your other RA medications along with these remedies.