Top Reasons To See A Rheumatologist

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Rheumatology Symptoms
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Rheumatology Clinic

People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) might have to see their rheumatologist often for monitoring the progress of the condition, identifying triggers, tracking flares, and adjusting medications. You can also discuss with your rheumatologist lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and exercises that you have to follow for keeping your symptoms in check.

Apart from the regular check-ups, there can arise some situations where you might have to visit your rheumatologist immediately. The following are some of those situations when you have to see your rheumatologist.

If You Are Having A Flare-Up

You might experience sudden flare-ups of your symptoms, which can be really painful. The frequency and intensity of flare-ups can increase as the condition progresses. Hence, it is important for you to see your rheumatologist so that he/she can check your symptoms and recommend the proper treatment and medications for you.

If this condition is not treated properly, then it can lead to permanent deformity and joint damage. Hence, make sure that you see your rheumatologist before your condition becomes worse.

You Can Experience A Pain In A New Location

This is another instance when you should pay a visit to the rheumatology clinic. Rheumatoid arthritis primarily strikes your joints, leading to pain, swelling, heat, and redness. This condition can cause pain in other parts of your body too.

The malfunction of your immune system can also damage the tissues of your mouth and eyes or might result in the inflammation of blood vessels. In some rare cases, rheumatoid arthritis might attack the tissues surrounding the heart and lungs.

If you experience dry mouth and eyes or you develop a skin rash, then it might signal the progress of RA. So make an immediate appointment with your rheumatologist so that he can perform different rheumatology tests to find out your situation.

You Suspect Side Effects 

The medications you take for controlling RA can have various side effects. The NSAIDs that are used for controlling pain and inflammation can result in heartburn, edema, and stomach discomfort. Similarly, corticosteroids can elevate blood sugar and cholesterol, and increase appetite thereby leading to overweight.

So if you experience persistent side effects, then it is better to visit your doctor so that he can change your medications.

If You Are Experiencing A New Symptom

The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis can change as the condition progresses. So if you are experiencing a new symptom, it is better to see your rheumatologist for knowing the status of your progress.

If any of these circumstances apply to you, then pay a visit to a rheumatology clinic to find out how your condition is progressing.