How To Deal With The Fatigue Resulting From RA?

Rheumatology Symptoms
Rheumatology Symptoms
Rheumatology Symptoms
Rheumatology Symptoms

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a type of autoimmune disorder caused by the malfunctioning of the immune system, can lead to a large number of symptoms that can interfere with your everyday life. Some of the common rheumatology symptoms found in people are joint pain, stiffness, swelling, inflammation, reduced range of motion of the affected joints, etc. Another RA symptom that can adversely affect your normal life is fatigue.

Rheumatoid arthritis can cause severe fatigue that can interfere with your everyday routines. You may feel totally worn out and out of energy even if you do not engage in any physical activities.

Why RA Leads To Fatigue?

Antibodies that are responsible for creating the inflammation associated with rheumatology arthritis can also affect the central nervous system of your body apart from your joints. High levels of inflammation resulting from this condition can cause severe fatigue.

Rheumatoid arthritis can also result in intense pain that can leave you worn out and exhausted by the end of the day. Additionally, the acute joint pain resulting from RA can make it difficult for you to sleep. This can also contribute to the fatigue and tiredness you experience from this condition.

Tips To Manage Your RA Fatigue

Controlling the fatigue caused by RA might not be an easy task. You may need a mix of medications, lifestyle changes, therapies, and a new attitude for controlling the symptoms resulting from this condition including fatigue.

Recognize That Fatigue Can Be A Part Of Your Life With RA: It might not be always possible for you to control the fatigue resulting from RA and you won’t be able to predict when you may feel tired. So it is important to understand the changes happening in your body.

Get Regular Exercise: The severe fatigue resulting from RA can make it difficult for you to engage in physical activities. But regular exercise can help to improve your condition and effectively control rheumatology symptoms.

Tune Out The Guilt: When you have RA, you might be forced to take rest often because of severe tiredness. Don’t feel guilty or do not worry about what other people will think, as fatigue is a part of your disease.

Some other useful tips for controlling RA fatigue are:

  • Take breaks
  • Drink enough water
  • Fuel up with healthy foods
  • Stick to a proper sleep routine
  • Try therapies

These tips can be helpful for you to effectively manage the fatigue and other symptoms resulting from rheumatoid arthritis.