A Note On Rheumatology

What Is Rheumatology
What Is Rheumatology At present, we are in an era that has a special emphasis on medicine, to be more specific, rheumatology. In this article, let us find answers to questions like – what is rheumatology? and who is a rheumatologist? etc. What Is Rheumatology? Rheumatology is the amplitude of pediatrics and medicine that particularly treats joints,

Brief Note On Rheumatic Disorders

Rheumatology Before discussing the common rheumatic disorders, it is important to understand what rheumatology is. Rheumatology is the branch of science which specializes in eliciting information on different health conditions that adversely affect the human musculoskeletal tissue. Joints, cartilages, ligaments, bones, tendons, and muscles contribute to the human musculoskeletal tissue. What are the most observed symptoms rheumatic disorders? Joint pain, inflammation,...