Five Celebrities Who Have Rheumatic Conditions

Rheumatology Arthritis
Rheumatology Arthritis
Rheumatology Arthritis
Rheumatology Arthritis

Celebrities are usually open about things that matter to them, but they tend to be shy and private when it comes to their health. Anyhow, some celebs have made their health status known to their fans. You may put celebrities on a pedestal, but the fact is that many of them have some fault. Take the following celebs with rheumatology diseases, for instance. If it was not for the media, you would have thought that their lives are perfect.

Selena Gomez

Singer Selena Gomez once told Billboard that she underwent chemotherapy for systemic lupus erythematosus at the age of 21. For the uninitiated, lupus is a chronic health condition that comes with inflammation and pain. Around 2 million individuals in the US have lupus. Gomez experienced lupus-related anxiety and depression a long time after her chemo treatment.

Megan Park

In 2015, this Canadian actor revealed her rheumatoid arthritis condition. Park partnered with an educational campaign known as Joint Decisions to talk about her rheumatology arthritis bout since her teenage years. Back then, she told People that she experienced all the traditional RA symptoms such as pain and swelling.

Jared Leto

From Fight Club to Dallas Buyers Club, actor Jared Leto has stunned moviegoers with many amazing performances. Leto’s commitment to his craft is well-known. He once gained around 30 kilograms to act as the assassin of John Lennon in the film ‘Chapter 27’. Now, you might be wondering how is that connected to rheumatism. Here is how: It made him experience gout, a form of arthritis with stiff and swollen joints.

Phil Mickelson

This professional golfer first started to feel pain around his ankle, which made it difficult for him to walk, just before the US Open tournament’s 2010 edition. After that, Mickelson’s fingers and wrist started to hurt. Initially, Mickelson attributed the issue to his golf training, but he sought medical help when it got more serious and widespread later. Then, a 40-year-old Mickelson was put on anti-inflammatory medicine for psoriatic arthritis treatment. Now, the golfer is raising awareness regarding psoriatic arthritis and the significance of its early treatment.

Morgan Freeman

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things.” The man who has taught us to be hopeful in reel life has been approaching his real-life condition of fibromyalgia with similar positivity. Freeman once told Esquire that he played golf and worked in the movies, and that he could be quite happy about even walking on the land.