How A Person With RA Can Have A Better Sex Life

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Rheumatic Disease
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Rheumatology Symptoms

Sex contributes to self-identity and human wellbeing. When you have intercourse, the body will release a chemical that can make you feel more intimate with your partner and may aid you in managing rheumatology symptoms like pain. It is potentially challenging to treat a condition like rheumatoid arthritis, but the following steps can aid you in having a better sex life.

Try Different Positions

Do trial and error with sexual positions to discover the most comfortable position for you. Use pillows as a support type to help with taking pressure off the joints affected by rheumatology arthritis. Tell your partner to give you a massage that serves as foreplay and can not only ease the pain but also loosen up the muscles.

Plan Sexual Activities As Per How You Feel

Think about how you feel right through the day. When you have morning stiffness, it is advisable to avoid getting physically active. When rheumatoid arthritis fatigue sets in at the last part of your long day, a nap is perhaps a better idea than being intimate with your partner.

Try To Have Better Self-Esteem

You can have concerns about body image, like deformity or joint inflammation, water retention and weight fluctuations. Be around people who have always been there to support you. Be part of a group of people with common concerns or experiences who offers each other comfort, tips and encouragement. Anyone or everyone in that group can connect with you, understand what you go through and share what works best for them in similar situations.

Take The Right Measures To Cut Down Your Stress Levels

Too much stress about rheumatoid arthritis or sex is not a good thing for a male adult. Find a way or two that aid you in managing your stress, like deep breathing, a massage, exercising or music.

Speak To A Doctor

It is sometimes important to talk to a healthcare service professional about things like how rheumatoid arthritis perhaps affects your sex. The professional can aid you in solving your issues and recommend potential solutions. For instance, when you have pain during sex, they may recommend an analgesic or anti-inflammatory substance. When you experience vaginal dryness, an estrogen cream product or lubricant may help. When you experience erectile dysfunction, speak to a doctor regarding prescription medicine.

Some medications for RA can also affect sex drive. When emotional issues contribute to low sex drive, seek a psychiatrist, sex therapist or therapist.